Age of Travel by Nathan Kranzo -DVD


Effect: Imagine doing Dai Vernon’s Travelers with four random objects. A borrowed ring, a signed bottle cap, a coin and a piece of candy. They all vanish and instantly appear in four different pockets.

BONUS! You will receive the PDF booklet with several routines and ideas taught.

This training DVD shows a performance for Kranzo’s amazing Travelers routine with four different objects.

The DVD will also teach you several great card magic routines inspired by Vernon’s Travlers:

Palm Tree
Produces three cards from three different pockets with one palm

Instant Travlers
The fastest and very practical way to produce multiple cards from pockets.

Back Assward Travelers
The Travelers with a Backfire ending. After performing a standard version of the Travelers effect the deck vanishes leaving you with the four selections… and the deck is found to have traveled to four different pockets!

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