Aiden (DVD and Gimmicks) by Ryuhei Nakamura – DVD


Here’s something your audience has never before seen, and it will blow them away! Mind reading? Spirit communication? Telekinesis? Wow!

Being able to read your spectator’s thoughts by picking their chosen card is quite an amazing feat in itself. Imagine if you could take it a step further though, and incorporate a visually stunning presentation into your mind reading routine.

Making its debut in Japan last year, SansMinds has collaborated with Ryuhei Nakamura to bring this special effect to the English-speaking community. Introducing Aiden. A flexible routine where your spectator will WATCH A SHARPIE COME TO LIFE, and draw the symbol or shape that was on their mind, all hands-free!

Whether you present it as telekinetic powers, or the ability to communicate with spirits, this one-two punch will be the combo you need to knock your audience off their feet!

A reveal with a killer presentation.

What you receive:

– 1 instructional DVD
– 1 gimmick supply pack

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